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Amid the crackdown on drivers using mobile phones at the wheel, UK police forces are to start using unmarked lorries to spot drivers using their mobile phones illegally on the go. In addition to the numerous safety risks, you can be fined up to £200 and receive 6 points on your license if you’re caught - double the previous penalties.

Auto Express reported that the unmarked lorries, exempt from standard HGV restrictions and fitted with wide-angle cameras, draw up alongside a driver using their mobile to record the offence, before the patrol cars tailing the HGVs pull over the offender. A prior trial across 28 police forces led to 4000 drivers caught offending, while other behind-the-wheel offences were also recorded.

The safety implications alone mean that using a phone while at the wheel is simply not worth it, while systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; standard fit on every new Subaru XV, Outback and Impreza; mean you can safely remain in contact without risking your safety, or a hefty fine and points on your license.

The systems allow a seamless link between your phone and the car’s infotainment touchscreen, allowing the use of navigation applications, call management and other selected applications for safe use on the go. Texting functions can also be accessed, using the cars’ microphone and voice recognition systems so your eyes remain on the road when replying to a message. Incoming messages are read to the driver.

High-profile cases of drivers using mobile phones causing fatal accidents have prompted the crackdown on mobile use behind the wheel. Despite the new, tougher penalties, however, Government figures reveal that more than 26,000 drivers have been caught flouting the rules in the year since the new fines came into effect.

Combined with Subaru’s enviable reputation for safety, the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto puts Subaru at the forefront of safety conscious buyers’ lists. The all-new XV and Impreza took the accolade of being the safest small family cars of 2017 as tested by Euro NCAP, with both vehicles outperforming every rival for both adult and child occupant safety, and pedestrian safety too. XV was also highly commended for safety at the 2018 What Car? Awards. The Outback, Forester and Levorg also hold the maximum 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating, further bolstering the safety credentials of the Subaru range.